You might need foundation repair if..

Symptoms of foundation failure.

Repairing the Slab Leak

Before you take on the cost of foundation repair get a hydrostatic pressure test done on your plumbing system. You’ll have a better picture of what is going on under your slab as you may have upheaval.

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Foundation Repair Maintanence with Soaker Hoses-7 Ways Homeowners Do it Wrong

There are 7 common mistakes homeowners make in maintaining their concrete slab foundations that sit on heavy clay soils. First, not having soaker hoses.

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Foundation Repair In The News

You know a drought is taking its toll on the slab foundation in your area when the local television news is running stories on how busy foundation repair companies are. While some parts of the U.S. are finally drying out after record flooding this spring, other parts of the country including Texas are experiencing record […]

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House Foundation May Need Some Underpinning

People relocating to an area with heavy shrink/swell clay soils can become overwhelmed by the damage that can befall the house foundation. Here is a typical case where the new resident is concerned he may need underpinning of his slab foundation.

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Need Foundation Repair? Blame it On “Climate Change”

If you need a foundation fix, it might be because of climate change (also known as “global warming”) At least that is the gist of an article written last year that I ran across in the New York times.

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