You might need foundation repair if..

Symptoms of foundation failure.

Do You Need Foundation Repair or Is It Something Else?

If you are seeing weird things with walls or floors inside or outside of the house you may be wondering if the foundation needs repair or if something else is going on.

Are those cracks in the garage walls the result of concrete foundation movement or because the space has become the rehearsal hall for your teenager’s mind numbingly loud rock band?

The structural committee of the Foundation Performance Association has published a paperĀ  (more…)

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Reading the Cracks

Think diagonal.

Vertical cracks in the interior walls are not usually a sign of structural failure unless they are obviously wider at one end than the other. Your concrete foundation may be OK.

Vertical cracks in the interior walls may be unattractive and honey-do worthy, but are not usually an indication of structural failure unless they are obviously wider at one end than the other. On the other hand, diagonal cracks, especially in the exterior brickwork, are not a happy sign.

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Along the outside walls, piles of dirt

Another house down the street is having the concrete foundation repaired. You drive by and notice dirt piles all along the perimeter of the home, bobbing hard hats in holes and concrete cylinders stacked in front. In the past three years or so at least a half dozen houses on my street have had foundation work done. They were all built about the same time, in the mid to late seventies.

Like waving a silver cross before a vampire, I’ve been trying to keep the hard hats away with my trusty soaker hoses. But that won’t work forever.

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“I know we have problems with our souls.”

Ain’t that the truth.

You can’t turn on the radio in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area without hearing baseball legend Nolan Ryan pitching concrete foundation repair for a major player in the fix-my-slab business. I always smile at the way he pronounces the word “soils.” Like many a fine Texan, the word drawls out of his mouth more like “soles” as in boot bottoms or the purview of pastors.

Of course he’s right. In this part of Texas and in many other areas of the globe, we do have problems with our soils.

Stupid sticky elastic clay.

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