Methods of Repair

Discussion of ways foundation repair contractors do their thing…underpinning with steel, helical, drilled or push piers.

Foundation Repair With Custom Made Steel Piers

The foundation repair radio commercial blared out of the speakers in the kitchen this morning ignoring the fact that I just wanted to know how hot it was going to be today.

Yesterday it was so hot I was afraid of standing still in the sun lest I spontaneously burst into flame. That’s hard on the clothes and I was wearing one of my better T-shirts.

The sales pitch for this particular concrete foundation repair company being delivered with enthusiasm by a local announcer included a line similar to this: (more…)

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Steel Piers vs. Concrete For Foundation Repair

The other day I was reading what I could find on steel piers vs. concrete piers for foundation repair and ran across the term “skin friction.” With my heart beating a little faster, I read on.

It turns out that “skin friction” is an engineering term that describes the drag soil has on a pier or piling as foundation repair companies shove it through the ground on its merry way toward bedrock or a hard stable layer of earth.

Pre-cast concrete pilings, due to their diameters, have a lot of “skin friction.” Because steel piers are much thinner they have less drag on the surrounding soil and can be driven a whole lot deeper. The issue is moot regarding poured or drilled piers because you are going to drill a shaft anyway. (more…)

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Foundation Repair, How Much Does it Cost?

dollar sign representing cost of foundation repairCalling up foundation repair companies and asking how much it would cost is like lurching your smoking car into the mechanic’s parking lot and asking him how may dollars it will take to fix it without even popping the hood.

Both are going to say “it depends on what’s wrong.”

A major factor in foundation repair cost will generally depend on how many piers will be needed, of what type, and how deep they will need to go to reach bedrock or supportive stable soil. (more…)

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Local Man Gets Foundation Repair

concrete piers being driven into earth for foundation repair

His name is Dennis and he lives down the street from me. I was coming back from an errand and drove past his house.

All the tell-tale signs of a concrete foundation repair job in progress were there. Piles of dirt, piles of pilings, piles of caps.

I went home, grabbed my digital camera, walked back down the street and knocked on Dennis’ door to get the story. (more…)

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