Soaker Hoses

Using soaker hoses around concrete slab foundations for stability in expansive clay soils.

What is a foundation “shield”?

I heard an ad on the radio the other day for something called “foundation shield” and wondered what that could possibly be. Not being very smart, yet imaginative, I pictured armor or maybe some sort of force field around a home foundation. It turns out to be an industrial strength soaker hose system to keep […]

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My Foundation Slab Leak-Part One

“I don’t think you need piers. Maybe a few. But I do think you have a slab leak.” That’s what foundation consultant Richard Rash told me in November.  I had run across Mr. Rash’s website while researching foundation repair companies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. After being in the foundation repair business for 30 years […]

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Foundation Repair and the Drought-5 Tips for Homeowners

Droughts are hard on the home foundation, no question about it. I was looking at a map from the US National Weather Service that showed almost a third of the country in drought conditions that range from “excessively dry” to “exceptional drought.” Not good. And to make matters worse, many areas included in the drought […]

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Foundation Repair Maintanence with Soaker Hoses-7 Ways Homeowners Do it Wrong

There are 7 common mistakes homeowners make in maintaining their concrete slab foundations that sit on heavy clay soils. First, not having soaker hoses.

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Foundation Repair In The News

You know a drought is taking its toll on the slab foundation in your area when the local television news is running stories on how busy foundation repair companies are. While some parts of the U.S. are finally drying out after record flooding this spring, other parts of the country including Texas are experiencing record […]

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