Do You Need Foundation Repair or Is It Something Else?

If you are seeing weird things with walls or floors inside or outside of the house you may be wondering if the foundation needs repair or if something else is going on.

Are those cracks in the garage walls the result of concrete foundation movement or because the space has become the rehearsal hall for your teenager’s mind numbingly loud rock band?

The structural committee of the Foundation Performance Association has published a paperĀ  titled “Distress Phenomena Often Mistakenly Attributed to Foundation Movement.” The paper makes it clear that the signs of damage to the house, possible causes and solutions are common to folks living in Houston and Southeast Texas and may not apply exactly to those living elsewhere.

With that it mind, it is still worth the read and would arm you with questions to ask concrete foundation repair companies or engineers when you have them out for an inspection.

If the link above doesn’t work for you just go to the Foundation Performance Association website and click on “Publications.’

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