Foundation Repair and Selling the House

There is a woman two doors down from me who wants to sell her house and also needs foundation repair. I’ve not been inside her house but all the signs are there on the outside.

She’s got the tell-tale zig-zag cracks in the brick and a widening crack by the garage door. Word is that she wants to sell the house without getting the concrete slab foundation fixed first.

Across the alley behind me is Bobby who is in the same boat. A painter by trade, Bobby needs to sell the house because he has an ex-wife with lawyers.

While getting the house ready to go on the market, the home inspector’s report indicated the need for foundation repair. Bobby would rather deduct the price of repairs from the sale price of the house and let the buyer get the work done

What both are finding out is that pounding that For Sale sign in the front yard when you know the foundation needs fixing is creating a new set hoops to jump through at best.

This link takes you to the entire thrill-packed story.

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