Foundation Repair Companies and Lifetime Warranties

Something a lot of foundation repair companies like to talk about in their advertising in Texas is a “transferable lifetime warranty” on their work. Meaning that the foundation repair job is guaranteed for as long as you live in the house and even after you sell it. The new owner would get the same promise.

What that means is if there further movement with your house foundation, they will come back out and uncover your piers and see if more shims need to be added to make theĀ  foundation level again.

It sounds good, but the warranties need to be read carefully.

A foundation repair contractor in Austin, Texas has this warning about warranties:

Read the “lifetime warranties” carefully and you will discover that most contractor’s only obligation is to make adjustments. Think about it…Your house can continue to move with all the resultant interior and exterior damage and all your contractor has to do is make adjustments every 12 to 18 months. To make this situation even more troubling most contractors have an “arbitration clause” in their contract that prevents you from suing them to make things right.

Hat tip to Austin Foundation Repair.

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