Foundation Repair Job Down the Street Still Good

In 2006 I wrote about my then neighbor Dennis’ foundation repair job. The contractor used the “pressed piles” method of repair. He then sold the house to a young woman we’ll call Shelia and moved.

I was passing by last week and saw that a garage sale was going on at this same house. I figured this was a good opportunity to ask if the new owner was happy with the work done on her concrete slab. Apparently she is. “Shelia” was at work but her talkative mother was there running the garage sale.

It turns out “Shelia” had come into some money and let Dennis know she would be paying cash for the house. At that point Dennis, wanting to avoid complaints in the future, had the foundation repaired by a company that transfers a lifetime warranty to the next owner.

Mom says there has been no cracking or shifting, and “Shelia” is happy with the house. I thanked her for the information but didn’t buy anything at the sale. I have plenty of my own junk already.

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  1. Hey Digger!

    Thanks so much for this resource. It’s been very helpful.

    Listen, my mother has a place in Superior, Wisconsin. The floors are pointedly uneven and at a slope. I suspect a sinking/shifting foundation.

    I am unable to find a referral resource/association in the Superior, Wisconsin or Duluth, Minnesota area. I’ve checked your links but they are for Texas. Would you be willing to direct me to a national resource with members in the aforementioned areas? A general contractor seems unlikely to do the job correctly. (Fair assessment?)

    Any help appreciated.


    – Joher

  2. Joher,
    Try a google search of “foundation repair Wisconsin.”
    I came up with this link:

    It seems to be a trade association of foundation repair folks in the Wisconsin area. That might be a good place to start.
    Good luck!

  3. I was rather skeptical of this method of foundation repair but I checked on my neighbor who had it done as well and his foundation looks great. Like your friend, his foundation hasn’t moved at all. I am slowly getting sold on this new method.

  4. Pressed piles are a good method of repair, love the posts.

  5. This is a great site with lots of excellent info, I’ve added a link to my blog – All about Austin Foundation Repair – just getting started but I like what you do.


  6. Thanks for stopping by Craig and best of luck with your new blog1

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