Foundation Repair – Steel Piers and Rust

A question that comes to mind in considering steel piers for underpinning your concrete slab foundation is “are they going to rust or otherwise corrode?” Fair question. One of the answers involves using galvanized steel piers.

Another method of corrosion protection for steel piers makes use of powder coating technology.

However, there is a report from the National Association of Engineers that questions the need for such protection for steel piers. The point raised is simple: get a few feet underground and there simply is not enough oxygen available for rust to develop at a fast enough pace to be a concern for the homeowner.

I ran across a couple of websites that talk about this report. You can read it here or here.

As I’ve said before. Opinions vary. On just about everything.

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    • Adam
    • January 24, 2008

    If anyone in the state of Maryland has foundation issues, Levelift is the company to call! I am very pleased with their services and would definately recommend them!

    • George Runkle
    • February 23, 2009

    I have brought this issue up to a corrosion control engineer that I’ve worked with, and her opinion is that steel foundation piers are not in much danger of corrosion. They are buried, so they are not exposed to oxygen, which hastens the rust. Galvanization isn’t so effective in the ground because it can get rubbed off in places and where that happens underground the corrosion will be very fast and severe.

    Certain types of soils are very corrosive of course, and in such case some sort of passive cathodic protection system might be warranted.


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