Foundation Repair With Custom Made Steel Piers

The foundation repair radio commercial blared out of the speakers in the kitchen this morning ignoring the fact that I just wanted to know how hot it was going to be today.

Yesterday it was so hot I was afraid of standing still in the sun lest I spontaneously burst into flame. That’s hard on the clothes and I was wearing one of my better T-shirts.

The sales pitch for this particular concrete foundation repair company being delivered with enthusiasm by a local announcer included a line similar to this:

“Our custom made steel piers can penetrate up to 70 feet. Ask the pressed piling companies if they can top that!”

Well, no, they can’t. If your house foundation that needs repair by underpinning is sitting 70 feet above bedrock or a zone of stable soil then steel piers are the way to go.

But if the trip to bedrock is only 15 to 20 feet or less, concrete pressed pilings could be a more economical repair method depending on other factors including the size and weight of the house.

A structural engineer can do an inspection and recommend the repair method best for your situation.

He can tell you if you need steel piers or pressed or poured pilings. Get estimates from at least three different foundation repair companies. Take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids.

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