House Foundation Inspections – Engineer vs. Contractor

If your home is showing the classic signs of foundation movement, like cracks in the brick and sheetrock, or sticking doors and windows, you might want to have it inspected.

Do you call  foundation repair companies or an independent structural engineer?

GeoDynamics is an engineering firm in Richardson, Texas and here is why they think you should call an engineer first. The advice is for residents of North Texas, but would apply anywhere where homes sit on expansive-shrink-swell-gooey-gumbo-stupid-sticky clay soils.

As tempting as it might seem to take advantage of “one-stop shopping” when it comes to foundation repair, this is not always the best approach for property owners to take. There are several reasons why you, as a concerned property owner, should retain a licensed, independent professional engineer to inspect, analyze, and develop a plan of repair that is best suited to your situation.First, most “Professional Engineers” (P.E.) are independent engineers and are not obligated to promote a particular foundation repair company or it’s product. However, the typical salesman/engineer that works for a foundation repair company can only sell the pier product his company installs. Another reason you should hire an independent engineer (P.E.) is the simple reason that foundation repair companies are in the business of selling piers; fact is, piers are not always the best solution to every foundation problem. An independent engineer has the latitude to consider solutions beyond merely installing piers. Independent, professional engineers aren’t paid by commission, nor are they tied to a specific repair methodology.Finally, before a repair plan can be developed for a foundation, it is necessary to first analyze why the foundation is moving. This requires an understanding of the various soil conditions in the DFW region. Among a variety of other subjects, structural engineers have received formal education in Soil Mechanics and Structural Analysis. Preferably, the structural engineer you retain not only has received a formal education but also has broad experience dealing with North Texas soils.GeoDynamics has been providing foundation inspections and analysis’ and plans of repair since 1992 for North Texas.

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