House Foundation Moving? Monitor Your Wall Cracks

If you really want to get anal about monitoring cracks in walls that you think are being caused by foundation movement, I ran across the following device that can do just that.

It’s the Avongard Crack Monitor.
Crack Monitor

Who could use one?

According to the Avongard website:

…Anyone who designs, builds, manages, maintains, lives in, or inspects brick, concrete, or masonry structures.

Avongard Crack Monitors are used by architects, engineers, builders, home inspectors, government agencies, home owners’ associations, and lawyers.

And of course homeowners can use the crack monitor to get a very accurate record of damage being caused by house foundation movement. It takes the guesswork out of wondering if those cracks in your drywall are actually getting worse or just seems like it.

You can also download a chart to record the movement of the crack which really would be helpful to engineers or inspectors you might call in.

Before you have to contact the foundation repair companies or take on the cost of foundation repair a crack monitor like that can let you know if you’ve settling or other types of movement going on.

Now how about a crack monitor for plumbers that would beep when, well, you know..


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