Installing Root Barriers

The structural engineer who inspected my concrete slab foundation recommended tree root barriers be installed to stop foundation settlement due to loss of moisture in the clay soil that my home sits on. The thinking is that trees can suck a lot of water from under a foundation and contribute to the shrinking of clay soils which in turn causes differential movement of the slab. You see the results with cracks in sheet rock, separation of trim, doors and windows that stick or uneven floors. You know, bad stuff in the house.

Installing root barrier

Yesterday the contractor and his merry band of shovelers and ax wielders arrived, took out shrubs and put in root barriers. Please indulge me and read about it here. Thanks.

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    • Lp
    • October 28, 2006

    Can you give me a vague idea on the cost to intall a root barrier?

  1. It’ll have to be vague because I didn’t get a breakout on the cost of each root barrier. But I can tell you that charge for four root barriers, removing the row of shrubs and re-working the soaker hose system was $2,400. As you can imagine, most of the cost was labor.

    • J.P
    • April 7, 2007

    $2400.00 Man Im in the wrong business….

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