Link To Foundation Inspection Report Repaired

In 2006 I had my concrete slab foundation inspected by a local structural engineer and wrote about it on this blog. I also scanned his report into a PDF file and posted it. However, in the throes of changing hosting companies the link to this report was broken and remained so for some time.  The link to the inspection report has now been fixed. My apologies for taking so long to do so.

If you’d like to see a sample of the kind of information you should get back when hiring an independent structural engineer to inspect your slab foundation you’ll find the link in this post.

You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the report and you can get it here.

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    • Paul Coughlan
    • December 14, 2009

    Hi, I suspect I may have had some foundation movement on my home. I’ve spoken with several engineers – unfortunately they have different views. One is saying that 95% of homes with movement don’t need foundation repair, another is saying you cannot just have piers around the edge of the foundation (as one contractor has suggested). I’m totally confused. With engineer inspections including written reports coming in at around $1,000 I don’t want to get more than one engineer’s report. How can I choose the right engineer?

  1. Hi Paul,
    Yeah, I’ve had different opinions on my own place, one from an engineer and another from a contractor. I think the best you can do is pick an engineer who has lots of experience with foundation issues. Not every civil or structural engineer does.

    On this page you will find links to foundation and engineering trade associations whose members deal with foundation problems. And you’ll find more information on this page:
    Be sure to read the comments.

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