Protecting Your House Foundation Means Working With Soaker Hoses

I’m using soaker hoses around my concrete foundation in an attempt to keep a uniform layer of moisture in the clay soil on which my house sits.

It’s the main tool we homeowners can use in trying to avoid the cost of foundation repair.

I also noticed that I had too much soaker hose on the east side of the house and not enough on west side, such that the hoses weren’t reaching all around the house like they should.

It’s pretty easy to dice and splice soaker hoses to achieve the lengths you need to maximize soakage. Here’s how:
Parts and tools for splicing soaker hoses
Hi thee to the hardware store or home center and fetch hose connectors. They are in the garden section where they sell hoses and sprinklers.

They come in metal or plastic versions. I needed three since I would also need to re-attach a piece of hose with the end cap.

Using a tape measure, I determined how many feet of hose I was missing on the west side of the foundation thus how long a piece I could take from the other hose that was too long. It turned out to be seven feet. With that information, I was ready to slice and dice.

All you need is a knife to cut the hose and a screwdriver to tighten the clamps once you have inserted the connector into both pieces of hose.

A utility knife is good for this job. A sharp knife from the kitchen works well too, but don’t tell mama what you are using it for.

Tighten the clamps over the hose near the edges of the hose connector. Hand tight is good. It’s not like you have to worry about the connection leaking because, umm, it’s a soaker hose!
Spliced soaker hoses
To re-cap, I cut a seven foot length of hose out of the one that was too long and added it to the hose that was too short.

I spliced the donor hose back together with the hose connector. Two connectors were used to add the seven foot piece to the shorter hose, one at each end.

If you are trying to keep the soil near your concrete foundation moist with soaker hoses, make sure they are about 18 inches out from the slab and reach as far around the house as possible. With a few parts and tools it is easy to customize the lengths of the soaker hoses to your needs.

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