Slab Leaks and Foundation Repair

Some foundation repair companies also include an option of checking for slab leaks as part of the leveling process. It’s not hard to see that if your concrete foundation had to be lifted a number of inches in places to achieve level-hood there just might be some stress on the plumbing joints under the slab.

A check to make sure that the work to make a  foundation level has not caused a slab leak due to damaged plumbing is not a bad idea. If your local foundation repair contractor does not offer this service odds are good that a nearby plumbing company does. Just tell them you’ve had a foundation lift and need to check for slab leaks.

Can a slab leak cause a foundation to heave or settle or otherwise contribute to differential movement? Like a lot of issues swirling around us hapless homeowners when it comes to our foundations, this one is the subject of debate.

C. Randolf Riddell is a professional engineer based in Houston, Texas and has quite a bit to say regarding slab leaks and foundation repair. It’s pretty technical but worth the read.

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