Soaker Hoses Feeling Neglected….For Now.

As I recall, soaker hoses are those porous rubber conduits one drapes around the perimeter of the foundation to supply an even measure of moisture to the slab. It’s smart to do this if your house sits on shrink-swell clay soils.

I haven’t had to use mine for six months. After two years of drought and local water use restrictions it has rained. a. lot. The area lakes are full and then some, my yard is squishy and the grass fat with water.

If I were to run the soaker hoses the water would immediately run off and head for the street moving quicker than a fat kid on cake. We are ten inches above normal in the rainfall column for this year. So far. But that could change.

All the rain could come to a screeching halt next week. In fact, we usually have hot dry summers. So my soaker hoses lie in wait, resting under a thick layer of mulch, until it’s time once again to deliver moisture to the foundation.

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    • Chris
    • August 31, 2007


    I just moved into a KB community here in Austin and they recommended soaker hoses, but didn’t supply any supporting information. It’s rained so much I hadn’t really investigated, but it’s been pretty dry the last couple weeks so I thought I’d poke around a bit.

    Your ruminations have been very enlightening. I’ve got the hoses sitting in the garage, and a timer gizmo at the back outlet. Time to dig in the hoses and hook them up. I just wish they’d put some pvc pipe under the back patio. Now that I’ve said that, I think I’ll run it along the concrete edge and hook the hose up on the other side.

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