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Foundation Repair-Beware The Pier Salesman

How does the home owner get a fair price on the cost of foundation repair? To begin with,
remember the following rule of thumb.

Foundation repair companies sell piers. The more they sell and the more they can charge you per pier, the bigger the salesman’s commission and the more the company makes.

Be aware that in large metropolitan areas with foundation problems, several companies that do foundation leveling may also own other foundation repair entities.

This means you have a real possibility, without you realizing it, of getting multiple bids from the same company. They just use different names. And the different phone numbers could be going into the same office.

Beware that most every foundation repair contractor has a preferred type of pier.


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Foundation Repair Cost

So how much is it going to be, what is the cost of foundation repair? The straight answer: it depends.

Foundation repair costs vary because each situation is different.  It depends on how many piers are needed to underpin the foundation.  You may need piers all around the house or maybe just in front.  One of the worst cases is when you have a foundation that slumps in the middle.  The repair company has two choices.  Either tear up floors or go in underneath with tunnels.

The foundation repair cost can also vary by types of piers needed.  Steel, bell-bottom (or drilled) and concrete  pilings are the most common types. Helical steel piers are sometimes needed on hillsides.  There are just too many variables to be able to just throw out a figure for the foundation repair cost.

Here’s what I do know.  I live in North Central Texas and two of my neighbors have had foundation repair.  Their foundation repair costs were both about $7,000.  I was nosy enough to ask. (more…)

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Cost of Foundation Repair

Every concrete slab that may need repair presents its own symptoms and problems. Each situation is different. The guy next door to me had piers put in all around the perimeter of his house.  He had concrete push piers installed under a 2,000 square foot single-story house and he said he paid right around $7,000.  We live in the Dallas area.

But the guy down the street  in pretty much the same sized house only needed piers under the east and south side of the slab. He also paid close to $7,000 for concrete push piers. However, two of his piers had to go under the driveway. Maybe that added to the cost.

The number of piers required and the type of piers used for underpinning are two of the variables that affect the cost of foundation repair.  Steel piers are generally more expensive.

This is one of the reasons the cost of foundation repair varies, and why the prudent home owner gets bids from at least three different foundation repair contractors. Spending a few hundred dollars on an inspection by an independent structural engineer is a good idea as well.

The Dallas Morning New recently ran an article on the damage to slab foundations caused by the shrink-swell clay soils and the weather in North Texas. The piece also touched on costs of foundation repair and how the lowly soaker hose is indeed your friend. Here is a link to the article.

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House Foundation Moving? Monitor Your Wall Cracks

If you really want to get anal about monitoring cracks in walls that you think are being caused by foundation movement, I ran across the following device that can do just that.

It’s the Avongard Crack Monitor.
Crack Monitor

Who could use one?

According to the Avongard website: (more…)

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Protecting Your House Foundation Means Working With Soaker Hoses

I’m using soaker hoses around my concrete foundation in an attempt to keep a uniform layer of moisture in the clay soil on which my house sits.

It’s the main tool we homeowners can use in trying to avoid the cost of foundation repair.

I also noticed that I had too much soaker hose on the east side of the house and not enough on west side, such that the hoses weren’t reaching all around the house like they should.

It’s pretty easy to dice and splice soaker hoses to achieve the lengths you need to maximize soakage. Here’s how: (more…)

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