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Foundation Repair-Beware The Pier Salesman

How does the home owner get a fair price on the cost of foundation repair? To begin with,
remember the following rule of thumb.

Foundation repair companies sell piers. The more they sell and the more they can charge you per pier, the bigger the salesman’s commission and the more the company makes.

Be aware that in large metropolitan areas with foundation problems, several companies that do foundation leveling may also own other foundation repair entities.

This means you have a real possibility, without you realizing it, of getting multiple bids from the same company. They just use different names. And the different phone numbers could be going into the same office.

Beware that most every foundation repair contractor has a preferred type of pier.


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Concret Slab Foundation Gets Drilled Piers

You can tell when a guy sells the house, packs up and moves away. You can also tell when a guy just leaves. Bobby, the guy who lived behind me, has up and disappeared.

Bobby was having no luck selling his house because it needed foundation repair. He deducted the cost of fixing the slab from his asking price but didn’t realize the financing problems a new buyer would encounter. Mortgage companies are not real anxious to lend money for a house with known unresolved foundation problems. (more…)

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Foundation Repair Companies Offering Coupons

I live in the Dallas, Texas area where we are bombarded with advertising from foundation repair companies. Some of the ads are more soft sell than others but it seems they would all love to come out, shake your hand, ask how the kids are and give your concrete slab-on-ground foundation a free no-obligation inspection. Some companies specialize in one repair method or another, usually meaning pressed concrete piles or steel piers. Other contractors generalize by offering all types of piers. Most say they will pack up the contracts and slowly back away if they think your foundation is fine.

So a coupon from one of these contractors arrives the other day offering $500 off the total cost of a foundation repair job. So far so good. Now comes the fine print. (more…)

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Are Steel Piers Going to Rust?

If you are pondering which type of pier might be best to repair your concrete slab foundation, a fair question would be “How long is a steel pier going to last?” After all, they are basically steel pipes driven deep enough to encounter either bedrock or a similarly firm and stable strata of soil, then attached to your slab, usually with steel brackets. “Hmmm,” you say. Metal parts in dirt for a long time. Sounds like rust. And you’d be right. Say hello to Mr. Galvanize.

Galvanization is a process whereby carbon steel is dipped in molten Zink, forming a chemical bond to the steel. Galvanized steel products provide good protection against rust and failure when used above or below grade. The next time you are in the car, notice the guard rails, traffic signposts, and bridges. You can tell these items have been galvanized by the unique silver color. (more…)

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Foundation Inspection Protects Both Agents and Home Buyers

Frank Kneller is involved in licensing the Cable Lock method of  foundation repair and wrote the following for the Houston Business Journal:

“The floor plan is perfect, the landscaping is beautiful and the amenities are ideal. A prospective home buyer is sold on the appearance of a home, but there are questions about what is not immediately apparent: the condition of the foundation.

Fears of expensive foundation repairs could be enough to kill the sale of a home. The average foundation repair in the state of Texas costs more than $8,000.

Real estate professionals can guard against losing such sales by insisting that a foundation inspection be performed by a licensed engineer. Such inspections not only provide peace of mind for home buyers but can also protect” more here.

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