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House Foundation Inspections – Engineer vs. Contractor

If your home is showing the classic signs of foundation movement, like cracks in the brick and sheetrock, or sticking doors and windows, you might want to have it inspected.

Do you call  foundation repair companies or an independent structural engineer?

GeoDynamics is an engineering firm in Richardson, Texas and here is why they think you should call an engineer first. The advice is for residents of North Texas, but would apply anywhere where homes sit on expansive-shrink-swell-gooey-gumbo-stupid-sticky clay soils. (more…)

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Do Cracks Under the Carpet Mean Foundation Repair Needed?

Do hairline cracks in the concrete slab under the carpeting mean that I need foundation repair? Good question. Edward Robinson runs an engineering inspection company in Houston and here is his take:

“Hairline cracks in a concrete slab, even those found below carpeting are not necessarily a measure of foundation performance. If there are floor cracks and abnormal cracks and separations in the superstructure of a building, then there is cause for concern that should be further evaluated by a qualified professional. Cracks typical of those often found when carpeting is removed can be found in the concrete floor of most garages.”

Use the link above to visit Mr. Robinson’s website. I think you’ll find it informative. Keep in mind it addresses foundation issues in the Houston, Texas area. Having said that, any of us with houses sitting on expansive clay soils are sailing in very similar waters.

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Twisting The Piers Under Your House Foundation

It’s not very often that a word used on  foundation repair companies websites sends me running for the dictionary. It did today, but more on that in a moment.

OK, if you just can’t wait, the word is “thixotropy.”

If you live in a part of the country where you are bombarded with commercials for foundation repair, you’ve probably heard a relatively new trademarked term “Cable Lock Plus ™.”

Here is how the system works, best I can figure. (more…)

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Soaker Hoses on Steroids

I’ve been talking about using soaker hoses to keep the soil around my foundation from completely drying up during this blazing hot and dry summer.

If you have shrink-swell clay soil it can shrink away from your concrete slab during dry periods and possibly cause damage.

This morning, I ran across the website of a company that sells what you could call soaker hoses on steroids.

It’s a system designed to water the soil around your foundation good and deep and keep it that way. (more…)

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Your House Foundation and The Trouble with Soaker Hoses

I’ve noticed that the soaker hose that runs along the west side of my concrete slab foundation is out of pressure before it reaches the end.

The trip from the faucet to the tip of the hose is about 70 feet. I’m turning the faucet on hard enough that the first 20 feet of soaker hose is not just dripping, but spraying.

Yet the water still doesn’t make it to the end of the hose. A 70 foot run is too much. (more…)

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