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Texas Engineers Talk About Roots and Foundation Repair

Given the amount of concrete foundation repair that happens in the Lone Star State, the Texas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers has published a set of guidelines for the evaluation and repair of residential foundations.

The document includes a couple of paragraphs regarding the effects of trees and shrubs near the foundation: (more…)

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Tree Roots & Foundation Damage Part Deux

While some Texas concrete foundation repair companies tell us that trees living too close to the house can cause major foundation problems there is a pretty famous garden and landscape expert in the Dallas area who begs to differ.

I’ve heard him say as much on his radio show and the following represents a typical Q&A: (more…)

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Foundation Repair and Tree Roots

Side walk section moved by tree roots and heavy clay soilIt doesn’t take a genius to see that tree roots can do bad things to sidewalks. Like turn a section of one into a skateboard ramp.

These are photos of oak tree vs. sidewalks in my neighborhood.

In some cases, the tree roots are winning. In other stretches of the sidewalks you can see slumping as the soil underneath erodes or settles.

The question is can tree roots do damage like this to the concrete slab foundation of your house? There seems to be a debate. (more…)

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Local Man Gets Foundation Repair

concrete piers being driven into earth for foundation repair

His name is Dennis and he lives down the street from me. I was coming back from an errand and drove past his house.

All the tell-tale signs of a concrete foundation repair job in progress were there. Piles of dirt, piles of pilings, piles of caps.

I went home, grabbed my digital camera, walked back down the street and knocked on Dennis’ door to get the story. (more…)

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Do You Need Foundation Repair or Is It Something Else?

If you are seeing weird things with walls or floors inside or outside of the house you may be wondering if the foundation needs repair or if something else is going on.

Are those cracks in the garage walls the result of concrete foundation movement or because the space has become the rehearsal hall for your teenager’s mind numbingly loud rock band?

The structural committee of the Foundation Performance Association has published a paperĀ  (more…)

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