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House Foundation – Soaker Hose and Old Man Winter

A question that comes to mind is “Should I worry about my soaker hoses that are around my house foundation being damaged by freezing temperatures during the winter?”

Short answer: “Not really.”

Most soaker hoses are made from recycled tires which is pretty tough stuff. Add to that the fact that soaker hoses are porous by design and should not have much water in them a few hours after they’ve been run. You can also blast the water out with an air compressor or good old lung power.

It’s an excellent idea to cover soaker hoses with a thick layer of mulch. Doing so cuts back on loss of water through evaporation during the hot months and offers protection from freezing weather during the winter. A six inch layer would be a good start.

Of course you can damage soaker hoses by running them while the outside temperatures are well below freezing and yanking on them while they are frozen stiff. But who besides your crazy neighbor would be doing that? Not you. You’re inside enjoying a warm beverage and not worrying about your soaker hoses.

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Soaker Hoses on Steroids

I’ve been talking about using soaker hoses to keep the soil around my foundation from completely drying up during this blazing hot and dry summer.

If you have shrink-swell clay soil it can shrink away from your concrete slab during dry periods and possibly cause damage.

This morning, I ran across the website of a company that sells what you could call soaker hoses on steroids.

It’s a system designed to water the soil around your foundation good and deep and keep it that way. (more…)

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Protecting Your House Foundation Means Working With Soaker Hoses

I’m using soaker hoses around my concrete foundation in an attempt to keep a uniform layer of moisture in the clay soil on which my house sits.

It’s the main tool we homeowners can use in trying to avoid the cost of foundation repair.

I also noticed that I had too much soaker hose on the east side of the house and not enough on west side, such that the hoses weren’t reaching all around the house like they should.

It’s pretty easy to dice and splice soaker hoses to achieve the lengths you need to maximize soakage. Here’s how: (more…)

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The Soaker Hose Samba For Your House Foundation

soaker hose to water house foundationIt’s that time of year again in Texas where the heat becomes relentless and the sun sucks moisture out of the soil faster than I can drain a Shiner Bock.

It’s not a bad idea to have the soaker hoses running around your concrete slab foundation if it sits on elastic clay soil like mine does.

Twenty five years ago I was a young disc jocky spinning tunes on the radio in St. Louis. Hats off to you if you remember KLSQ. I landed a new gig that brought me to Dallas.

Upon learning that I was moving to Texas, one of my soon to be ex-coworkers said, “I hear that when you buy a house, you’ll need to water your foundation.” (more…)

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