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What Are Millennium Composite Pilings?

The three basic methods of underpinning a residential foundation, be it concrete slab or pier and beam, all have their critics. Remember, underpinning is the process of getting piers (or pilings) under the foundation to shore it up. The type of pier impacts the cost of foundation repair.

When you are researching foundation repair cost per pier you’ll find quite a difference in price depending on the type of pier the contractor or engineer recommends.  The mix also includes the Millennium Composite Piling System (TM)


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Foundation Repair – Steel Piers and Rust

A question that comes to mind in considering steel piers for underpinning your concrete slab foundation is “are they going to rust or otherwise corrode?” Fair question. One of the answers involves using galvanized steel piers.

Another method of corrosion protection for steel piers makes use of powder coating technology.

However, there is a report from the National Association of Engineers that questions the need for such protection for steel piers. (more…)

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Are Steel Piers Going to Rust?

If you are pondering which type of pier might be best to repair your concrete slab foundation, a fair question would be “How long is a steel pier going to last?” After all, they are basically steel pipes driven deep enough to encounter either bedrock or a similarly firm and stable strata of soil, then attached to your slab, usually with steel brackets. “Hmmm,” you say. Metal parts in dirt for a long time. Sounds like rust. And you’d be right. Say hello to Mr. Galvanize.

Galvanization is a process whereby carbon steel is dipped in molten Zink, forming a chemical bond to the steel. Galvanized steel products provide good protection against rust and failure when used above or below grade. The next time you are in the car, notice the guard rails, traffic signposts, and bridges. You can tell these items have been galvanized by the unique silver color. (more…)

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