Structural engineer

Can We See the Foundation Inspection Report?

Oh, all right. I had my concrete slab foundation inspected last month by a structural engineer. The resulting report has drawings, measurements, recommendations and enough engineer talk to make me wish I had a pocket protector and white tape on my glasses. While we are not in danger of the roof falling in about our heads there is work to be done.

I’ve put a link the inspection report on this page which is also listed in the ‘Pages” menu to your left. The report is of course specific to my humble dwelling alone but should give you an idea of what an engineer’s foundation inspection report covers. Enjoy the savory numbers and tasty diagrams.

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Rooting Out a Root Barrier Estimate

The structural engineer who inspected my foundation Monday is recommending a root barrier be installed in a back corner of the yard to keep roots from a nearby live oak tree away from my concrete slab.

They are also called root walls and root caps. The idea is to cut any roots that are reaching under the foundation, then put something in the ground between the tree and the slab to keep the roots from returning.

The hope is that by keeping the tree from drawing moisture from under the slab, the clay soil will re-hydrate and give the foundation in the back of the house some lift. Not much, but some. The tree is 12 feet from the corner of the foundation. (more…)

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Sir,The House Foundation has Been Inspected, Sir

Yesterday just before 1 p.m. there came a light rapping at the front door. “Be still my beating heart,” I told myself. The inspector is here!

His name is Mike and he is a licensed structural engineer who’s website described him as just the kind person you want inspecting your slab foundation: unbiased, independent, yet with years of experience in the concrete foundation business. Somehow he seemed taller in person.

Mike came in with his inspector gadgets: a carpenter’s level, clipboard, Stanley Compulevel, a laser “tape” measure, and a solid state voice recorder that he would mutter into now and then as though he was doing an autopsy on my house. (more…)

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House Foundation Inspections – Engineer vs. Contractor

If your home is showing the classic signs of foundation movement, like cracks in the brick and sheetrock, or sticking doors and windows, you might want to have it inspected.

Do you callĀ  foundation repair companies or an independent structural engineer?

GeoDynamics is an engineering firm in Richardson, Texas and here is why they think you should call an engineer first. The advice is for residents of North Texas, but would apply anywhere where homes sit on expansive-shrink-swell-gooey-gumbo-stupid-sticky clay soils. (more…)

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Foundation Repair With Custom Made Steel Piers

The foundation repair radio commercial blared out of the speakers in the kitchen this morning ignoring the fact that I just wanted to know how hot it was going to be today.

Yesterday it was so hot I was afraid of standing still in the sun lest I spontaneously burst into flame. That’s hard on the clothes and I was wearing one of my better T-shirts.

The sales pitch for this particular concrete foundation repair company being delivered with enthusiasm by a local announcer included a line similar to this: (more…)

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