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Steel Piers vs. Concrete For Foundation Repair

The other day I was reading what I could find on steel piers vs. concrete piers for foundation repair and ran across the term “skin friction.” With my heart beating a little faster, I read on.

It turns out that “skin friction” is an engineering term that describes the drag soil has on a pier or piling as foundation repair companies shove it through the ground on its merry way toward bedrock or a hard stable layer of earth.

Pre-cast concrete pilings, due to their diameters, have a lot of “skin friction.” Because steel piers are much thinner they have less drag on the surrounding soil and can be driven a whole lot deeper. The issue is moot regarding poured or drilled piers because you are going to drill a shaft anyway. (more…)

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Before Foundation Repair Consider a Structural Engineer

It’s hardly ever a bad idea to seek out advice especially on a project with the expense of concrete foundation repair.

In most cases for a few hundred dollars you can hire an independent professional structural engineer to inspect your foundation and recommend a method of repair that’s best for you.

You should look for a professional licensed individual or engineering firm that provides the following: (more…)

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