Texas Engineers Talk About Roots and Foundation Repair

Given the amount of concrete foundation repair that happens in the Lone Star State, the Texas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers has published a set of guidelines for the evaluation and repair of residential foundations.

The document includes a couple of paragraphs regarding the effects of trees and shrubs near the foundation:

7.3.2 Vegetation Alteration
Trees or large shrubs near a foundation may cause soil shrinkage under the foundation. Removal of these trees or shrubs may stop shrinkage or lead to partial restoration of settled areas of the foundation. Removal may result in upheaval caused by soil moisture increase, especially if the tree predates construction. If trees are removed, a suitable waiting period may be recommended to allow for soil heave.

7.3.3 Root Barriers
Root barriers or periodic root pruning may mitigate the effects of vegetation. Root barriers are generally not as effective as tree removal.

The entire set of guidelines can be found on the Texas Section website of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Have your .pdf reader handy. While full of useful information for the homeowner it reads like it was written by engineers and edited by lawyers.

A pool-side page turner it is not. We think you should read it anyway.

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