The Soaker Hose Samba For Your House Foundation

soaker hose to water house foundationIt’s that time of year again in Texas where the heat becomes relentless and the sun sucks moisture out of the soil faster than I can drain a Shiner Bock.

It’s not a bad idea to have the soaker hoses running around your concrete slab foundation if it sits on elastic clay soil like mine does.

Twenty five years ago I was a young disc jocky spinning tunes on the radio in St. Louis. Hats off to you if you remember KLSQ. I landed a new gig that brought me to Dallas.

Upon learning that I was moving to Texas, one of my soon to be ex-coworkers said, “I hear that when you buy a house, you’ll need to water your foundation.”
Huh. I’d never heard of such a thing, but I soon found out he was right.

A lot of people recommend laying the soaker hoses about 12 to 18 inches from the houseĀ  foundation and doing your best to keep an even area of moisture all around the perimeter. All the time.

Otherwise one just contributes to the “wax on, wax off” wet and dry conditions that causes the soil to expand, then shrink. Your concrete foundation does not like that. It can cause movement which in turn can cause twisting of the frame work in you house.

And that twisting triggers the classic signs of foundation problems. Cracks in the walls especially near door and window frames plus doors that stick and windows that are hard to open and close.

So keeping an even layer of moisture around with soaker hoses is an important tool the homeowner has to avoid the cost of foundation repair.
Note to self: When you disconnect the soaker hoses to use the garden hoses for lawn watering, car washing, child-teasing and such, after you are done, hook them soaker hoses back up and get them going again.

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