Who ya gonna call

I sat down with the Greater Dallas Area Verizon Yellow pages and counted concrete foundation repair contractor listings. I threw out listings for satellite offices or what appeared to be different numbers for the same or a sister company. Very unscientific to be sure, but I still ended up with 96 foundation repair contractors in the DFW area alone. Yikes! How do you pick one?

Danny Lippford runs a home improvement website and appears on the CBS Morning Show has this to say about picking a contractor:

No Contract Labor- Make sure the people performing the repairs work for the company.

Financial Commitment- Does the contractor own or rent his equipment?

Supervisors on Site- Is the company large enough to provide full time supervision, or will the crew be dropped off at your home to do the work?

References- Make sure references are not hand picked.

Warranties- Warranties are only as good as the company that offers them. A reputable company who has been in business for at least 25 years should be your best bet.

Insurance- Ask for current insurance certificates.

These guidelines are general and not specificaly aimed at foundation repair contractors but make sense to me.

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